Coast-to-Coast Bike Tour of Small Town America

2 min read • Jul 28, 2014 • Mike Alder

Could you ride 4,000 miles in 48 days on a road bike? On average, that’s over 83 miles a day! My New Enterprise did just that. Their bike tour took them from Florence, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia and along the way they interviewed 100 entrepreneurs in 100 cities.

Last week we were fortunate enough to sit down with the CEO of My New Enterprise, Shawn Sadowski on our weekly podcast. Shawn explains why they did this tour by saying, “We’ve been following some interesting studies and research out in the field that indicated there is a real surge in entrepreneurship in small town America,” he continues, “We thought one of the best ways to do this is to go out and do what we’re good at—what we specialize at, and that is learning, hearing, and being able to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and business owners.” They decided to do this tour on road bikes in order to slow down and get a feel for small town businesses on Main Street, America.

Here is two of their “Behind the Tour” videos. The first video shows their first official day and the second video shows one of the many road bumps they encountered while on their journey:

 Video 4: Oregon – Part 1

We started the ride in Florence, OR and began heading east! Oregon was packed with over 500 miles and more entrepreneur interviews than we could ask for!

Video 7: Idaho – Part 2 (The RV Incident)

Idaho was interesting to say the least! The RV blew a tire and caused all sorts of damage, but Mary learned to fish and Idaho is gorgeous this time or year!

If you enjoyed these videos check out the rest of their Behind the Tour videos, along with their Entrepreneurs of the Tour videos.


Mike Alder

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