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Small Business Spotlight: We Are 1976

2 min read • Feb 01, 2020 • Mary Kate Miller

We Are 1976 was the second stop on our Instagram adventurer’s sojourn in Dallas. It’s a must-stop for shoppers looking for unique, well-designed art prints or the perfect gift, thanks to their “assembly of objects that delight.” 

The shop, which opened in 2008, is an Asian-American family-owned affair. Helmed by siblings, We Are 1976 shows the power that family can bring to the small business economy. Vynsie Law, whose job title fittingly reads Big Sister, says, “Our gift shop features beautifully-designed and made paper goods, art prints, stationery, and homewares.”

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“We're an Asian-American family-owned business established in 2008. Our gift shop features beautifully designed and made paper goods, art prints, stationery, and homewares —an assembly of objects that delight." Vynsie, the oldest sister, has more than 15 years experience in graphic design, branding, illustration, and art direction in New York, London, and Dallas, Vynsie oversees creative design services. "Working one-on-one with our clients, it is our goal to ensure that we create something truly uniquely personal, lasting, and beautiful." Vynsie runs the store with her 2 younger siblings who all specialize in different aspects of running their business. They make an amazing team, and their storefront is so fun to experience with amazing art everywhere you look.

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Vynsie brings 15 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, and art direction in New York, London, and Dallas to her work with We Are 1976. These strengths pair well with those of her younger siblings, Jully Law, the consigliere, and Derek Law, who manages special ops. 

So how does the trio make it work? According to Vynsie’s bio, “Working one-on-one with our clients, it is our goal to ensure that we create something truly, uniquely personal, lasting, and beautiful.” Jully works as the glue holding the shop—and the family—together. She ensures that We Are 1976 maintains a high level of customer experience in the shop and partners with the designers, artists, and vendors featured in the shop. Rounding out their robust team, Derek manages the day-to-day operations of the shop. Think that’s enough to keep him busy? Wrong! Derek is also the lead letterpress printer. So if you purchase an elegant, handmade letterpress item from the shop, there’s a chance Derek made it. 

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