Is Tradition Causing You To Miss Out On The Extraordinary?

2 min read • Mar 20, 2013 • Lendio

I have discovered lately that I have been missing out. I’ve been accepting the bland when I could have had something a bit more exciting. With that intro, we jump to the topic of (drumroll, please!): Salad Dressing!

I first discovered ranch dressing in elementary school. Since my parents didn’t like it, ranch became a special treat that I got when we were eating out of the house. Over time I developed a taste for the different variations to the recipe and made note of the brands that I liked best, but that’s roughly where it stopped. Fast forward to my adult years and more recently, an awareness of my palette.

You may have heard of people dipping their french fries or pizza in ranch dressing, both of which I like to do. However lately I’ve been trying to think outside of the box and experiment a bit more. I’ve drizzled it on baked potatoes and substituted it for mayonnaise and mustard on my club sandwiches. Suddenly I find myself wondering why I’ve spent all these years using traditional condiments when I could have had a zestier taste with ranch. And last week when I made a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon which I dipped in ranch, I decided it is one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

So what has kept me from following my preferences in the past?

  • Tradition?
  • A desire to bend to the conventional rules of society?
  • A failure to realize and truly define my unique tastes?

I suspect a little of all three, but now as a whole new realm of potential tastes have opened up to me, I find myself wondering where else  I have let “the usual” hold me back from discovering “the better”. What can I improve about an item or service to better align it to my preferences?

What about you?

Are you doing business a certain way just because that’s the way it has always been done?

Is there a better way you could be producing your product?

What direction would you like to see your business grow but haven’t implemented because you feared the condescension of others?

Have you failed to see the full potential of your service just because you deem it “good enough”?

There are a lot of reasons we don’t experiment and instead choose the safe road. But perhaps if you identify your inhibitions, you may discover them to be flimsy or unfounded. This realization could open you up to bigger and better things. Such as, putting potato chips on your sandwiches. I’m seeing a real improvement to some sandwiches with the addition of a salty flavor and a satisfying crunch. But this theory is still in testing.




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