Washington is Relying on Small Business; Says it Needs More Access to Capital

1 min read • Jun 08, 2011 • Dan Bischoff

For awhile now, it’s been said that small business is the engine that will fuel a recovering economy. But, according to many, small business needs a boost, or in other words, needs more access to capital.

Recently, the House Small Business Committee held a hearing titled “Access to Capital: Can Small Business Access the Credit Necessary to Grow and Create Jobs?” Business owners and lenders discussed the economic environment, how to support job growth, what’s being done, etc. Sam Graves, R-Mo., opened the hearing with:

“As America seeks to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, we will be relying on our nation’s small businesses to help lead the way.”

He continued, saying small businesses need business loans and other sources of capital to expand and create jobs. For most small businesses out there, that’s the major hurdle for growth, and in turn, a big hurdle for the economy.

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The conclusion at the hearing was credit has been loosened and banks have more money to lend. However, bankers at the hearing said today’s borrowers aren’t qualified to get small business loans.

If you’re a lender, what do you think? Are you experiencing the same things as the lenders at this hearing? If you are a small business owner, what major hurdles are you facing that’s limiting your growth?


Dan Bischoff