Aug 29, 2012

Lendio Tip #1: The Power of a Completed Lendio Profile

It seems as if every site these days asks us to create a profile or an account. The value of creating that profile frequently doesn’t outweigh the time it takes to go through the process.  Users are becoming more savvy and need to limit interaction with sites to avoid bombardment of communication. If the value isn’t there, why waste your time?

“Why is Lendio different?,”  you may ask.  Not only is our process simple, more importantly, each step of the profile signup process quadruples the benefit to the user. Let’s explore the benefits of completing a Lendio profile.

Connecting with the right option: The more complete the profile, the more relevant the financing options. With countless financing options and a large range of qualification requirements, it can be very difficult for the small business owner to understand and find the right financing for their needs. Small business owners know they need financing but have no idea what options they have outside of the traditional SBA loan.  Lendio has spent years understanding the key questions and requirements that create a successful borrower/lender matchup.

Understanding the “why”: Lendio helps the small business owner understand what their options are and why with each step of the process. While everyone thinks a traditional loan is the best option for their small business, it may not be a reality or may not meet the immediate needs of that owner. That’s why we ask the questions we do. We are passionate about fueling the American dream and we want to help educate along the way.

Increased success rate: After the first step of the profile creation, small business owners are entered into our system to be matched to the right financing options. Lenders may reach out to them at this point, but that shouldn’t be enough. The more information the business owner can provide, the better quality and ultimately the greater success they’ll have finding appropriate financing for their needs.  With each question completed, the system refines  the results to maximize success. There are no wrong answers, just the right results. From traditional loans to creative alternative solutions to building relationships with banks that aide with financing in the future, Lendio is the vehicle to connect the small business owner to the right financing to build their dream. Lendio value has been proven time and again averaging a 70% success rate for financing.

If you are looking for financing, Lendio offers the fastest, most effective vehicle to get you to your options. It’s up to you to fuel that engine.

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. When i started my business in July of 2011. I went to the SBA . I had a credit score of 761 and was turned down. I have sense been turned down 3 other times in the last 14 mo. I have over $30,000 in my business,but need working capital for inventory and to some bills. The problem is now that I am a little behind on my bills, that I may never be able to get a loan. There is over 70,00 people living in my cental Fl. home town.And I am the only Retail Bait & Tackle store in the hole town.Lots of potental here !! But need working capital.

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