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What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

3 min read • Feb 15, 2018 • Brock Blake

There’s a certain drive for entrepreneurship that lies within most business owners. A motivation deep inside, pushing us to persevere even when the rest of the world is telling us to quit.

Some call it hustle; others refer to this as “it” factor. But what is “it” factor anyway? And are you either born with it or are you not? Was I born ready to start a company in my 20s? Did my influential parents set me, and my siblings, on a path to entrepreneurship (four of the six of us are founders, CEOs or presidents of companies)? Or did I end up here due to some combination of all those factors?

Read why I think entrepreneurship is more about drive than destiny here.

Whether you believe you’re born an entrepreneur or not, we can all agree that starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Think about the last time you had a rough day as a business owner. When you looked in the mirror as you were being pushed to the brink of quitting and a voice inside of you said: “Keep going.”

How would you describe the person looking back at you?

  • An Endurer, exhausted but steadfast and devoted to succeeding.
  • A Warrior, battling the big box competitors and the naysayers day in and day out.
  • A Visionary, committed to sharing your innovation and insight with others.
  • A Revolutionary, angered by the broken American financing ecosystem and ready to be part of a positive change.
  • A Truth Teller, tired of red tape and runaround, eager to bypass bureaucracy and get to work.
  • A Craftsman, upholding quality and workmanship above all else.
  • Or a Competitor, focused on making strides and outpacing the rest of the pack.

Lendio created a quiz to help you determine the kind of entrepreneur you are; maybe the answer will surprise you and maybe not. Either way, it’s a fun examination of where your strengths and motivations lie.

Me? I’m the Endurer, but I also know I have a lot of the Competitor in me and I relate to the Visionary’s desire to move the system forward by building a legacy.

Knowing exactly what propels you forward day after day is the key to finding your momentum. It’s how you keep grinding away at the dream day after day. So, tell me: What kind of entrepreneur is going to be looking back at you in the mirror tomorrow morning?


Brock Blake

Brock Blake is the CEO and co-founder of Lendio, the leading small business finance solutions provider in the U.S. Brock believes that access to capital should be simpler and quicker for small business owners, and he’s built a successful company around solving this problem. Brock leads the team that has facilitated over $10B in loans to small businesses. An Inc. 500 CEO, national keynote speaker, Forbes columnist, and Utah’s Emerging Executive of the Year, Brock’s dedication extends far beyond the boardroom. He has shaped a superior company culture with a humble and hungry team that is passionate about driving results and giving back. For every new loan facilitated on Lendio’s marketplace platform, Lendio Gives, an employee contribution and employer matching program, provides a microloan to a low-income entrepreneur around the world through