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Lendio’s Online Bookkeeping Software, Sunrise, Announces Partnership With WePay

Oct 28, 2019 • 4 min read
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      Sunrise Pay, Powered by Chase offers small business owners a streamlined invoicing process to get paid faster and maximize revenue

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      SILICON SLOPES, Utah – October 28, 2019 – Sunrise, a Lendio company, today announced a strategic partnership with WePay, the integrated payments business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Through this collaboration, Sunrise will provide its small business clients with a new feature called Sunrise Pay, powered by Chase, which gives users immediate access to invoicing capabilities as well as the ability to set up recurring payments.

      Forty-one percent of small businesses experience cash flow challenges each year, according to a WePay survey of more than 500 U.S. small business owners. Unpaid invoices are perhaps the largest contributor to cash flow issues and often hinder small business owners from hiring, purchasing new equipment, or otherwise investing in their businesses.

      The sooner a small business collects on invoices, the greater the impact on its bottom line. Through this partnership, WePay provides a seamless invoice payment integration into the Sunrise platform, and as a result, small business customers can rely on Sunrise to help them grow. With Sunrise Pay’s automated recurring payments and invoicing, small business owners will be able to get paid faster, pay suppliers on time and maximize revenue.

      “Small business owners are particularly susceptible to cash flow challenges due to unpaid invoices,” says Brock Blake, CEO and founder of Lendio. “Many don’t have the cash reserve to cover the gap between income receipts and outgoing payments. Sunrise Pay will be a gamechanger for these businesses in streamlining the invoicing process and reducing cash flow crunches.”

      Sunrise Pay allows users to create personalized invoices, as well as automate recurring invoices and pay reminders. Customers can easily pay by credit card or ACH bank transfer through the platform’s secure customer portal, and business owners can see when invoices have been viewed, as well as create quotes and estimates online.

       “Simplifying the invoicing and payments processes for small business owners means they have more time to spend growing their operations,” said Jennifer Lewis, VP of Marketing, WePay. “WePay’s partnership with Lendio will help small businesses across the country to grow, create jobs and increase their economic impact.” 

      Sunrise is the first freemium bookkeeping software to meld accounting, cash flow management, loan and credit information into a single platform. This user-friendly cash flow, billing, and expense tracking solution also provide solopreneurs and small business owners customized access to Lendio’s marketplace of business loans and award-winning customer service.

      An online service that helps business owners find the working capital they need to grow their businesses, Lendio offers financing options including lines of credit, SBA loans, startup loans, equipment loans, credit cards, accounts receivable financing, term loans, commercial real estate loans and more. Lendio’s 15-minute application leverages machine learning to reduce the legwork of looking for a small business loan, while dedicated funding representatives help business owners review their options and secure funding through Lendio’s network of over 75 lenders.

      Backed by proven technology, Sunrise comes in two versions. The first is a free plan that removes unnecessary enterprise features and allows businesses to do both cash and accrual-based accounting. In addition to billing, the free version also allows business owners to easily sync bank accounts and credit cards, categorize and track expenses and income, and store receipts in a central location.

      A paid subscription to Sunrise allows growing businesses to expand accounting capabilities by leveraging Sunrise’s tech-enabled bookkeeping experts. More cost-effective than alternatives on the market, Sunrise’s expert bookkeepers use a three-part system to recognize revenue, take care of invoicing and reconcile books monthly. Sunrise’s paid subscription allows business owners to automate and streamline accounting tasks, freeing up their time to focus on building their businesses. With access to bookkeeping professionals, business owners will never have to reconcile their own books again.

      For more information about Lendio, visit

      For more information about WePay, visit

      About Sunrise

      Sunrise, a Lendio company, is a cloud-based small business accounting platform. With integrated access to capital through Lendio’s marketplace of over 75 lenders, Sunrise is the first freemium bookkeeping software to meld accounting, loan and credit information into a single platform. A user-friendly billing and expense tracking solution, Sunrise gives solopreneurs and small business owners more accurate, real-time insight into their business finances, allowing for more streamlined accounting, invoicing, reporting and access to capital. For more information about Lendio’s acquisition of Billy, visit

      About WePay

      WePay powers software, payments, and small businesses. As a leading provider of integrated payments processing, WePay helps small businesses and individuals get paid quickly and easily by serving software platforms and applications like BigCommerce, GoFundMe, Zoho and SimpleGym. Acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in December 2017, WePay delivers payments and services you can bank on.WePay is headquartered in Redwood City, California and offers its services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. WePay is a registered trademark of WePay, Inc. For more information, visit

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