Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Second Draw

ATTENTION! The paycheck protection program (PPP) loan application period ended on May 31, 2021. If your business received a PPP loan and you’re seeking information on loan forgiveness, visit Lendio’s PPP Loan Forgiveness. YOU MAY STILL QUALIFY FOR THE EMPLOYEE RETENTION CREDIT. APPLY FOR THE ERC TODAY THROUGH LENDIO.

Access your second potentially-forgivable financial safety net with a Second Draw.

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SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans

Begin your PPP loan application through Lendio to be matched with a PPP lender. Lendio is not a lender, and an application submitted through Lendio does not guarantee you will receive a PPP loan or be matched to a lender. We will accept applications throughout the program or until allocated funds for the program have been exhausted.

Low Interest Rate

1% fixed APR for the life of the loan

Payment Deferral

Payments deferred for 10 months

Loan Forgiveness

On all qualified business expenses

PPP Second Draw: What It Is and How It Came to Be

PPP Second Draw allows borrowers who previously received a PPP loan to receive a second potentially-forgivable loan to be used toward payroll expenses, rent, utilities, and mortgage interest. For most borrowers, the loan can be for up to 2.5 times your monthly payroll expenses, giving you a lifetime total of 5 months worth of payroll expenses through the program. For especially impacted food service and accommodation businesses (businesses with a NAICS code starting in “72”), borrowers may be able to qualify for up to 3.5 times monthly payroll expenses.

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Qualifications for a PPP Second Draw

Wondering if you’ll qualify for a PPP Second Draw loan? You may be able to secure your second potentially-forgivable loan if you meet the following criteria.

You’re an Eligible Entity

To be eligible for a Second Draw from your PPP loan, you must first meet the SBA’s criteria of an eligible entity, meaning you qualify as a(n):

You Meet Additional Loan Criteria

What Documentation Will You Need to Apply for a Second Draw?

The documentation required to apply for a Second Draw is the same as what is required for the First Draw. You can find document requirements, outlined by entity type, outlined below.

To expedite your application process, we recommend collecting all necessary documentation before you begin the application.

To complete the application, you’ll need:

Required for certain business types:

How to Apply for a Second Draw Loan

Apply now through Lendio to be paired with a lender. You may not have to submit additional documentation if you:

If you apply for your Second Draw through a new lender during this round, your application process will look similar to the first round. While the specifics may vary depending on where you apply, here’s a general idea of what to expect:

You can apply for a PPP Second Draw through March 31, 2021, or until funds are exhausted—whichever comes first. This reboot to the program and the creation of PPP loans came as part of the most recent PPP Flexibility Act extension, which has been colloquially referred to as “the new round of PPP” or the “PPP second round.”

What Can You Use a PPP Second Draw For?

Changes have been made in the 2021 extension of PPP (sometimes referred to as the “PPP second round”) to broaden how the loan can be used. In addition to the creation of the PPP Second Draw, Congress also expanded the ways the loan funds can be used.

While you still need to spend 60% of the loan on payroll-related expenses, you can now also use your PPP Second Draw to cover:

Eligible payroll expenses remain consistent with PPP First Draws and include:

Second Draw Loan Forgiveness

Loan forgiveness guidance remains the same as guidance for forgiveness on First Draw Loans. Want more details? Find everything you need here.

Loan Terms & Rates

If your Second Draw is not approved for loan forgiveness, you will be required to repay the loan. Second Draws come with a 1% interest rate and a maximum of 5 years for the loan term.

Unresolved First Draw Loans

The SBA may review any PPP loan. If your First Draw PPP loan is under review by the SBA when you apply for a Second Draw, that application may be rejected. The SBA will try to expedite any reviews. You may be eligible to reapply once the review is complete.

How to Calculate Revenue Reduction

To qualify for a Second Draw, a borrower must have experienced an economic loss of 25%+ in revenue (measured by a 25%+ reduction in gross receipts when comparing 2020 to 2019). Borrowers who receive a Second Draw under $150k will not need to provide documentation at the time of application, although they may need to provide documentation when they apply for loan forgiveness. Borrowers who receive a Second Draw over $150k will need to provide documentation.

Whether or not you need to submit this information to the SBA, here are the allowed methods for calculating the 25%+ reduction in revenue:

Second Draw Loan Amount

Most businesses can qualify for 2.5 times their monthly payroll expenses, as was the case with the First Draw. Businesses with a NAICS code starting in “72” can qualify for a Second Draw loan up to 3.5 times their monthly payroll costs.

Businesses Prohibited from Receiving a Second Draw PPP Loan

Businesses that have not received a First Draw PPP loan will be unable to receive a Second Draw PPP loan. (Visit the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) page to learn more about qualifying for a First Draw.)

Additional prohibitions include:

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