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How One Therapist Used an ACH Loan to Double Her Practice

Integrating Insights Small Business SpotlightOriginally a farm kid from the midwest, Lyndsey Ryan is no stranger to hard work. She grew up in an area with prevalent poverty, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Seeing so many of her friends and neighbors working so hard, yet struggling with so much pain, she was determined early on to move beyond that in order to create something that would help those around her. In 2014, she founded Integrating Insights

At 18, Lyndsey moved away from home and spent the next 14 years working multiple jobs in various mental health organizations while putting herself through school and building relationships with community professionals. Oftentimes, as many business owners do, she sacrificed time, experiences, and even income to move her business forward. Building the company off her own hard work over the course of many years, Lyndsey spent the most recent years working 50–65 hours a week building the capital needed to expand beyond an hourly rented office to two 1500 square foot suites.

Finding Meaningful Work

Integrating Insights, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a mental health practice that helps people resolve issues related to trauma and high-stress events. Clientele and specialties include military members, veterans, and their families; couples; groups; and individuals. Armed with the lessons she learned dealing with her own health issues and the pain she witnessed growing up, Lyndsey has found a balance of meaningful work, rest, and play. Now she specializes in helping others do the same.

“My clients struggle with feeling broken, challenged in relationships, and have often turned to behaviors that seem to help momentarily, but ultimately keep them from healing,” she shares. “We all have an innate capacity towards health and wholeness, but sometimes things have occurred in our lives that stand in the way.”

Keeping a Comfortable Cash Flow

With the growth of her business came additional expenses. The expansion brought expenditures much closer to the business’s existing income levels. Lyndsey knew this would be temporary, but she needed a financial buffer while continuing to expand. Like many business owners, she used an ACH loan as a short-term way to keep a more comfortable cash flow while her practice continues to grow. With that safety net in place, she is now able to focus on her next biggest concern: the right marketing to reach clients who need her help and support.

Lyndsey and her staff at Integrating Insights have helped thousands of people. Despite the struggles, long hours, and financial sacrifices, they say the journey has been worth it.

“It has been most important for me to continue to focus on why I am running my business, and then come up with creative solutions to help it thrive,” continues Lyndsey. “Focusing on the greater good that the business provides has helped me be incredibly successful in work that I find deeply rewarding.”

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Spencer has spent the last ten years in the throes of all things marketing and communications. In the past, he has written for companies and clients spanning restaurants to SAAS companies, and entertainment guilds to yoga studios. Spencer has a B.S. in Communications from the University of Utah. When not writing or working, he can be found in the mountains on a hike, in a movie theater with a tub of popcorn, or on stage at a local theater.

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