Free GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping Alternative For Small Businesses

Replace GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping with simple and easy accounting software customized to your small business.

Manage your finances without any accounting knowledge

Lendio’s invoicing and accounting software is a comprehensive alternative to GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping software. It can streamline your most important business processes, making it easier for you to get paid, manage your cash flows, and maintain accurate financial records for tax purposes. Get started quickly by importing your old records from GoDaddy into Lendio.


Create and send professional invoices

Create unlimited invoices that look professional in seconds. Save the ones you like and reuse them for recurring invoices. Use the dashboard to know instantly when a client views or closes an invoice, and send reminders for bills that are overdue.

Accept payments online

Lendio makes it easy for you to accept digital payments via credit card or ACH transfer. 

Generate key financial statements

Connect your bank account to create income statements, balance sheets, accounts receivable reports, and more.


Is GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping closing?

Yes, GoDaddy discontinued its Online Bookkeeping service on June 23, 2022. Any current Online Bookkeeping users have until September 30 to export their data.

Can I import my books from GoDaddy?

Yes, Lendio allows you to import historical records via a CSV.

Is this really free?

Yes! Lendio’s free self-service plan has a $0 monthly payment, which means you pay nothing out of pocket to maintain your account. You can create invoices, track your income and expenses, and generate your income statements for free!

Do you have to download Lendio’s software?

No downloads are required. You can access every feature you need by logging into our website, much like Quickbooks Online.