Templates that Make Invoicing Better

Get free, professional invoice templates from Lendio. Plus access our suite of small business tools including fully customizable invoices. Solving all your invoice needs is easier with Lendio.

Professional Invoice Templates

Your business is better represented when it has well-designed invoices. Download our professional invoice templates for your business free of charge today.

Move beyond Templates

Access the Lendio invoicing suite for fully customizable invoices plus tools to track and record invoice revenue. Set up recurring invoices for repeat business, send automatic reminders to customers, and leverage our software to ensure you get paid faster.

Free Invoice Templates for Every Type of Business

Our invoice templates are designed to fit the needs of every type of business. Represent your company well with our distinctive invoices that can be molded to your specific needs.

Take your Invoicing to the Next Level

Enhance your invoice process with Sunrise’s full Suite of Tools

Customized payment terms

Do you want to be paid in 30, 60, or 90 days? Lendio lets you set customized invoice payment terms.

Add invoice due dates

Due dates help customers follow through on your payment terms.

Email reminders

It’s a breeze to send a gentle nudge to ensure you get paid on time.

Preview invoices

You’ll always know exactly what your customers see before you hit “send.”

Know what’s paid and what’s due

Take the guesswork out of invoicing with clear labels of what’s paid, what’s due, and what’s overdue.

Keep it in sync with your books

Paid invoices are automatically synced with our bookkeeping to streamline monthly bookkeeping.