Small Business First Initiative

We focus on helping our clients grow their business by fostering a community of entrepreneurs.

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Fostering a Lendio Community

Creating a community of support

Sunrise employees rally around our small businesses to support and lift them as they grow

Sunrise shops small business first

We pledge to buy from small businesses first because they are lifeblood of our economy

Tips, Guides, and Tools to Amplify your Business

Access to over 100 articles and research to help guide your business

Lendio puts its focus on small businesses

Sunrise Pledges Small Business First

When Sunrise makes a purchase, we prioritize small businesses. From our software tools, to a company lunch, or a gift card for our employees, Sunrise is committed that the first place we look to is our small business community. Each of our purchases is determined by a “can we solve the need via a small business” approach.

Social Media and Community Support

Sunrises realizes its clients need both great bookkeeping software as well as fans. Sunrise has committed to advocating on behalf of its clients with thorough product reviews, social media posts, and engagements that help our own clients grow their businesses.

How to Participate

Joining the Sunrise initiative is super simple. Signup for free then fill out our form with your company’s name, website and social media information.

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