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The Marketing Genius Behind Apple’s New TV Ads

May 30, 2013 • 2 min read
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      Screenshot taken from Photos Every Day TV Ad

      Whether you are a tech guru or not, one of the biggest questions people love to argue about is, “Which is better, Mac or PC?” I am openly a Mac fan but don’t let that turn you away from reading this post.

      Let me start off by saying that the iPhone 5 isn’t the most powerful smart phone out there and Apple even knows that. Samsung’s marketing team pointed this out in a great TV ad stating, “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” but, that ad is old news.

      Apple has recently brought out two new TV ads. One of the ads focuses on people listening to music and the other focuses on people taking photos.  This is marketing genius and here is why:

      1. Don’t focus on features.

      As stated above, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have the most features or capability as other smartphones. I also doubt Apple is going to jump ahead in the innovation even with the release of the iPhone 5s or rumored iPhone Mini. The TV ads focusing on the features of the iPhone 5 weren’t working and were getting mocked from competitors and online reviews.

      2. Who uses your product?

      Since you can’t focus on all the features that your phone has, you have to focus on who uses the iPhone and how they use it. Apple’s marketing team has used this before in their Mac VS PC ads by showing the “Mac” as a casual everyday person and “PC” as someone dressed up in a business suit. Flash forward to 2013, Apple’s new TV ads show everyone—little children, teenagers, college students, and adults using their iPhone in a variety of environments.

      3. Create an emotion!

      These new TV Ads wouldn’t be as powerful if they didn’t relate to us. Every shot it someone doing something and expresses happiness and joy through facial expressions or body movement. There even is some audio of children laughing during various clips. This subconsciously tells us that the iPhone 5 brings pleasure into life.


      All of these points have come together to create powerful TV ads. The biggest factor that I didn’t point out is that these ads are so subtle. In my opinion, they could cut out the ending where it finally lets you know it’s an iPhone commercial and it could still be just as affective.

      What do you think about the new TV ads?

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