Bootstrapping: How to Tap Existing Funding Potential

Picking yourself up by your bootstraps doesn’t just refer to recovering after a disaster. It also means pushing hard, every day, to make the most of your company’s potential. It means never allowing your business to coast—you’re always pushing forward!

After you’ve done your homework and received initial funding, the serious work of a small business owner begins. Establishing, buying, or expanding a small business takes ingenuity, persistence, and a whole sequence of smart decisions.

If your business is like most, one of those decisions is to prioritize ways of squeezing all the value you can from tight resources. And you’ll need capital to operate the business consistently. To weather unexpected financial headwinds. To grow the business in ways you didn’t anticipate. To take advantage of opportunities.

That means optimizing income and expenses. It means finding new ways to maximize revenue and minimize costs—without sacrificing product quality, marketing or client relations. It’s a tall order, admittedly. But consider these possibilities for bootstrapping your way to success:

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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