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What is a business cash advance?

A business cash advance is a form of funding that offers businesses quick access to funds by borrowing against the money they will make. That borrowed money is then repaid through a fixed daily percentage. This type of funding may also be easier for some new businesses to obtain than traditional small business loans.

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How a business cash advance works.

The repayment process for a cash advance differs from that of a normal loan or even a credit card. Instead of making monthly set payments, your funder will withdraw a “fixed daily or weekly percentage” — a preset amount — from your account daily. The daily payments are used to repay the amount of the advance plus the factor rate of the funding.

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What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is a form of business financing that provides an advance on a business’s future credit card sales. Cash advances are repaid automatically through a percentage of the business’s daily credit card deposits.

Since merchant cash advances are flexible and carry no restrictions on how the borrower can use them and tend to fund quickly, they’ve often been used by businesses facing unexpected, cash-crunch emergencies.

How does a merchant cash advance work?

Once a business has received the advance from the financier, repayment begins. Each day, the funder will withhold the agreed-upon percentage of the business’s credit card deposits.

There are two ways the repayment of a merchant cash advance can be processed:

  1. Split withholding repayment: This method is most popular and permits a financier to take their agreed-upon percentage directly out of a business’s daily credit card revenue.
  1. Lock-box repayment: The business’s daily deposits go straight to an account overseen by the funder and each day, the business receives its share of the previous day’s deposits.

Business cash advance vs. merchant cash advance

Functionally, a merchant cash advance is similar to business cash advances, except the small business borrower receives an advance on future credit card sales. A business cash advance is repaid as an automated, fixed daily or weekly withdrawal based on cash flow. 

The funders we work with primarily offer business cash advances with a few offering the option of a credit card split similar to an MCA. This method permits the financier to take their agreed-upon percentage directly out of a business’s daily credit card revenue.

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Is a business cash advance right for you?

There are some situations where a cash advance might be the RIGHT funding option, like:

  • Businesses with low credit scores.
  • Newer businesses with limited credit history. 
  • Businesses that need cash quickly.
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Minimum requirements for a business cash advance.

If your business doesn’t match some of the qualifiers below, it may be more challenging to receive funding from our lending partners.


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