Square’s "Business in a Box"

Square’s "Business in a Box"

The use of Square for processing credit cards is huge these days. I barely knew about the device a few months ago (okay, I admit I’m a bit behind), but now, I see it in small businesses everywhere. It’s amazing that a little box the size of a dove chocolate could change how small businesses charge their customers.

Recently, Square has come out with the new “business in a box,” a perfect tool for small businesses. With two Square Readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer, “business in a box” converts your iPad into a cash register. It also has a cool app that lets you build your inventory with photos, names, and prices.

“Business in a Box” costs $600 (not including an iPad, of course). Or you can choose to exclude the receipt printer and the system is only $300.

Overall, the combined cost of the “Business in a Box” with an iPad might seem steep, but it is actually cheaper than the average touch screen cash register.  Plus, an iPad holds all of your important business apps, gives you access to the internet, and can be taken home at night.

Players like Amazon, Google, and PayPal are huge in this arena, but I think Square hit it right on the mark with this one.

Source: PC World – Square Rolls Out Turnkey ‘Business in a Box’ 

Square’s "Business in a Box"Small business advocate and proponent of the American Dream, Tyson Steele writes about the creativity and muscle it takes for the entrepreneur to build a successful business. From start-up innovation and marketing to company management and financing, Tyson translates the technical humdrum of biz-speak and bank-speak into something anyone can read.

It takes a little cash to change the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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  1. I don’t understand it’s benefits. Are you saying it can replace Paypal or google wallet?

    • Hey Glen, thanks for the question. The benefits of Square’s “Business in a Box” are mostly for the brick-and-mortar businesses that need an easy way to charge customers. Paypal offers a similar product (looks like a “triangle”) for vendors and is a direct competitor with Square. Google Wallet for vendors, however, does have an advantage: it will take both cards and google wallet. So, will Square replace Paypal or Google Wallet? I don’t think so, but it is another option to think about.

  2. Great article Tyson.

    I’ve noticed the deli I often frequent for lunch uses Square to take my credit card and is much faster than their old card reader—which, as a customer, I see as a real benefit.

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