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2 Keys to Becoming Ridiculously Happy in Business and in Life

Mar 12, 2018 • 2 min read
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      Sophia Lemon is a ridiculously happy person who photographs ridiculously happy people—and she’s built a successful small business around her passion for spreading joy.

      Her lifelong love for photography was born when her parents gave her a camera for Christmas. “I got into photography because I was amazed at what I could do with a camera,” Sophia said, “There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when the lighting is just right and the photo is pure gold.”

      While still in college, she officially started Sophia Lemon. After graduation, Sophia continued with her business and took on a full-time corporate job to build out her camera bag with necessary equipment. This quickly became the most brutally taxing time of her life. “I have never been so physically ill,” Sophia said, “Despite going to the gym every day and eating well, I felt stuck in a room with no windows where my opinions and ideas were being crushed.”

      Eventually, Sophia took a leap of faith. She quit her job and worked full-time on building a dream business. The business has grown and evolved, taking her all over Ontario and even out to New York City. But Sophia has never forgotten the lessons she learned in those crucial years after college. For Sophia, success lies in maintaining a careful balance between her business and her life. Achieving this balance is challenging, but for Sophia, setting aside time in two critical areas is the key to success.

      1. Make Time for Hobbies You Love

      When she’s not shooting or editing, Sophia loves to play baseball in a local adult league. She also lives for beautiful afternoon hikes. That means carving out time to put down the laptop and get outside. “For me, success equals happiness,” Sophia says. “Your life isn’t worth it when you’re not happy. You should be enjoying your lifestyle. If you’re not, it’s time to make some room for things that make you happy!”

      1. Make Time to Give Back

      Giving back and thinking of others is a critical piece in the puzzle of a happy life. For small business owners like Sophia, this piece can disappear under a mountain of frenzied day-to-day demands. “I participate with The Alzheimer Society of Grey Bruce, photographing some of their events and hosting photography events in support of the organization,” says Sophia, “Making time for this type of work is one of the things that brings me joy!”

      Sophia has made it her life’s mission to be happy, and help her clients be happy as well. “My business isn’t just about photographing ridiculously happy people. It’s about helping people recognize how ridiculously happy their lives can be. It’s about reconnecting my clients with the things that make them ridiculously happy. It’s about showcasing those happy moments in their homes and bringing more of that happiness into their daily lives.”

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