Business Credit Card Limit Calculator

A business credit card issuer considers many details when deciding the credit limit to extend on your account. Information such as your personal credit score, credit history, income, credit utilization rate, and more may play a role in determining the maximum amount you can borrow on a business credit card. 

It’s impossible to know in advance the exact credit limit a credit card company may grant you. But you can use the business credit card limit calculator below to get a general idea of the credit limit range you might be able to expect if you qualify for a new account.

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How to Use This Calculator

To use the business credit card limit calculator above, you will need to answer questions a credit card issuer might consider when setting the credit limit on a new account in your name. Be sure to enter accurate information for the most accurate results possible.

There are six questions you’ll need to answer.

After answering these questions, you will receive an estimated credit card limit range. The exact credit limit you receive will vary depending on your situation and the credit card company with which you apply. However, this calculator can help predict the maximum amount of money a credit card issuer may approve you to borrow on a new account.


What is a credit limit?

A credit limit is the maximum amount of money a lender will allow you to borrow at a time. With business credit cards (and typically with business lines of credit as well), you can use the account, repay all or some of the money you borrowed, then reuse the same credit line again—up to the credit limit the lender has put in place.

How can you increase your credit card limit?

A credit card issuer will set your credit limit when it first approves your financing application. But after some time passes, you may be able to request a credit limit increase. 

Every card issuer sets its own guidelines regarding how soon customers may be eligible for a higher credit limit. In most cases, you should wait until your account has been open for at least six months to make your first request. There is no guarantee that a credit card company will approve you for a higher credit limit. But if any of the following statements are true, you might have a better chance of success. 

You have managed your account in a responsible manner (e.g., on-time payments, no over-the-limit transactions, low credit utilization rate on the account, etc.).
Your credit score or credit history has improved (or remained in good standing) since your initial application (or your last request for a credit limit increase).
Your income has recently increased.

Where can you find high business credit limit options?

Most business credit card issuers do not publish the maximum credit limits they offer customers. If your goal is to qualify for a high-limit business credit card, it’s wise to focus on earning an excellent credit score and a low debt-to-income ratio. Once you’re ready to apply for a business credit card, take the time to shop around and compare multiple options to find the best deal available for your small business.

What should my business credit limit be based on my salary?

Your income is an important factor that can help determine the credit limit a card issuer grants you when you open a small business credit card account. Yet it’s not the only detail that matters.
In addition to your salary, a credit card company may review other information when setting your credit limit. Your credit score and credit history can be very influential in this process. The amount of debt you currently owe (and how that debt relates to your income) can also have a meaningful impact on your business credit card credit limit.

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