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9 Free Tools for Top-Notch Small Business Bookkeeping

Sep 23, 2019 • 4 min read
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      Small business bookkeeping software can provide amazing tools to simplify your finances. From creating customized recurring invoices to automatically tracking your business expenses, bookkeeping tools can easily save you hundreds of hours of work.

      But is bookkeeping software worth the cost?

      Well, what if we told you it was free? Not the free that actually costs money free or the kind-of-free-for-30-days free until it’s not free—we’re talking real free.

      We know you’ve been trained to have your scam alarm armed and ready—turn it off for a minute because we’re going to use the word “free” a lot, and it’s 100% legit. With Lendio’s software, you get full-fledged accounting software for $0/month. And we’re not just trying to get you in the door, hooked, and then force you to pay. This service includes unlimited invoices, unlimited bank transactions, unlimited financial reports, and other advanced features at no cost. Free.

      Lendio’s software includes all of the tools and features you need to stay on top of your small business bookkeeping. Want to see what you can do for free? Below, we’ve listed 9 of the coolest Lendio tools—which only scratches the surface of what’s available. 

      1. Customized Invoices

      Create customized invoices to add more than a hint of professionality to your bills. You can add different templates and brand them to your heart’s content. Change the font, colors, logos, and even the messages for the automatic invoice reminders to make your invoice process as easy as click, click, done.

      You can even create recurring invoices to keep track of your clients’ payments for you—no more phone and calendar reminders buzzing throughout the month. Create and send as many invoices as you want—it’s completely free and unlimited.

      2. Financial Reports

      Always know the financial health of your business with up-to-date reports like profit and loss, balance sheet, tax summary, customer statements, accounts receivable, and more. Import transactions, export data, and view your reports whenever you’d like.

      3. Automatic Expense Tracking

      Link your bank account and credit cards, and then Lendio’s software will automatically import and categorize all of your business income and expenses. This feature keeps your cash flow report continually up-to-date without you spending hours after work inputting expenses into spreadsheets. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of transactions you can import.

      4. Quotes and Estimates Sending

      Use Lendio’s software for your complete sale and accounting cycle. Create a quote or estimate and send it to your customer within the software. Once approved, convert it to an invoice with a single click. Quick and easy.

      5. Modern Payment Acceptance

      Give your customers the freedom to pay with credit cards, Paypal, Square, or Stripe.

      6. Double-Entry Accounting

      Keep a complete picture of your financials with double-entry accounting features. “Double-entry” means each accounting transaction creates 2 entries: a debit entry and a credit entry. If you made a purchase, the debit entry would be the new asset you gained, and the credit entry would be the cash leaving your business. This form of accounting gives you deeper insights into your cash flow and profitability, so you always know how much you have in assets, liability, and equity at any time.

      7. Add Sales Tax and Discounts

      Lendio lets you add discounts to your invoices and easily process refunds and returns with no hassle. If your customers come from all over the country, you can add different state sales tax rates so that invoices are updated based on your customer’s locations.

      8. Incredible Support

      No, you don’t have to upgrade your account to get access to outstanding support. Your bookkeeping success is our mission—we’ll assist you in whatever way you need.

      9. Tax Season Guests

      Invite your accountants or others to login to Lendio’s software to view your transactions and financial reports. This feature makes tax season easy—no exporting folders of PDFs for your accountant to sift through.

      Bookkeeping on a Budget

      No, it’s not too good to be true. You can enjoy the finest bookkeeping software without a line item each month for the tool itself. Check out our pricing page and see for yourself. The free self-service account comes with everything you could ask for, minus bookkeeper services.

      Yes, it’s true—if you’d like a bookkeeper to match your transactions and close your books at the end of each month, you will have to pay a monthly fee. Apologies. We tried to get them to do it for free, but they weren’t on board with that idea.

      Create a free account now and see all that Lendio bookkeeping has to offer. You won’t be disappointed, and you won’t be conned into forking up your money. Promise.

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