Your Guide to All Things Review-Related

Jun 18, 2020

Your Guide to All Things Review-Related

Remember the phrase “word of mouth?” It came from the ancient and obsolete practice of sharing recommendations with “words” coming out of your “mouth.” Before smartphones and the internet, people used to gather in pairs or groups and talk, sometimes about the products and service providers they were enjoying. 

Today, building a reputation is a little more complicated than hoping your satisfied customers tell their friends. The words and images that spread your business’s image come from many places, and almost all of them are online: Word of Yelp. Stars of Google Reviews. Direct-Flash Overhead Food Snaps of Instagram. By all means, continue to spread your company’s good name through word of mouth, but accept that online reviews are the new masters of business reputation.

The power of online reviews offers small businesses both huge advantages and risks. Online reviews greatly reduce the problem of discovery. Anyone with Google Maps and a Yelp account can find your local business, even if it is brand-new. But at the same time, a single 1-star review could drive away thousands of dollars of revenue.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the importance of online reviews, their major platforms, how to get more reviews, and how to handle the bad ones. In no time at all, you’ll have a sterling online reputation and a reliable system to keep those good reviews coming in.

About the Author

Ben Glaser

Ben Glaser

Ben has almost a decade of experience covering personal finance and business. From 2014–2017, he was blog editor and spokesperson for the shopping website, where he regularly appeared on programs like Good Morning America and Fox and Friends to offer consumer advice. Ben graduated from Harvard with a BA in English and lives in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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